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Night-Time Sanitation Chemicals

White Glove Chlor Foam
A liquid chlorinated, alkaline, general purpose, foaming cleaner, which is safe on stainless, aluminum and zinc alloys when used as directed.


White Glove Chlor Foam Plus

 A liquid chlorinated, alkaline foaming cleaner, ideal for hard water conditions, with excellent cleaning properties for food soils.       


Chlor-Clean 12.5

A liquid 12.5% sodium hypochlorite, non-foaming sanitizer. 

White Glove Acid Foam
A liquid foaming acid cleaner containing phosphoric and nitric acids.

White Glove Liquid Alkaline Plus
A liquid, non-chlorinated, foaming, heavy-duty, alkaline smokehouse cleaner.      



General non-food contact cleaner


White Glove Smoke House

A liquid heavy-duty alkaline, foaming cleaner for tough soils.


White Glove Pan Clean

A liquid moderately alkaline cleaner that is free- rinsing.  It is the product of choice in pan washing equipment.  

White Glove Boil Out

A liquid, non-foaming, heavy-duty, alkaline cleaner for tough, burned-on soils.


Madisan 75
A liquid 4-chain 5th generation quat sanitizer


Alpet D2 

Alcohol-Based Food Contact Sanitizer



Peracetic Acid (PAA) 5%
Food Contact Sanitizer


Chlor-Clean 12.5

A liquid 12.5% sodium hypochlorite, non- foaming sanitizer.

Clean in Place

White Glove CIP Acid

A liquid heavy-duty, non-foaming acid C.I.P cleaner containing  phosphoric and nitric acids.



White Glove CIP Cleaner

A liquid, chlorinated, alkaline, C.I.P cleaner for food, beverage and dairy plants.

Hand Soaps/Sanitizers

Alpet E2

A foaming hand soap

Alpet E3

Hand Sanitizer

Powdered Floor Treatments

Compound FT-103

A quat containing powder for use as a floor treatment to aid in prevention of slippery floors and as a general purpose detergent.     


WG Coverall

All Purpose deodorizer

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